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Digital by default

With 9 in 10* UK adults now online, increasing numbers of the UK’s population are opting to use online and digital channels as well as the more traditional contact methods. Due to this, councils face increasing pressure to ensure their digital and online presence is strong, but at the same time, unified to ensure the significant costs savings required are achieved.

Respond to citizen expectations

Our solutions help you to maintain consistent quality customer service across multiple channels 24/7 and balance savings initiatives across your council. Create meaningful changes to the services you provide. Improve your processes for the benefit of both your customers and staff by harnessing our tailored, secure and streamlined solutions.

Revolutionise your council with Customer Experience Manager

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Manage customer experience

Streamline your customer engagement and save costs by capturing all interactions into a single 360° view of your customer. Automated workflows maximise first contact resolution, and easy integration rationalises back and front-office systems in real-time, increasing team productivity.

Handle multichannel interactions

Remove the costly silos and improve digital inclusivity by routing interactions into one universal queue to the appropriately skilled advisor. Allow customers to achieve their goals quickly and easily 24/7 by using self-service options for web and voice.

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Optimise your workforce

Automate staff scheduling and improve forecasting accuracy to ensure your service levels are never affected. Easily record, measure and evaluate agent performance and identify where training may be required.

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Over 700 organisations trust Netcall with their most valued relationships. And 96% say we meet or exceed their expectations. Join them and be part of the engagement revolution. Request a personal tour of our software interface and see how Netcall Liberty can transform your business.

Deliver exceptional customer experience with Liberty CXM

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Housing solutions

As a housing association, you'll play an important role in the building of local communities. Allowing customers to easily communicate with you is essential in maintaining relationships.

Harness our expertise in the social housing arena. Improve relationships with your tenants, minimise service delays and reduce operational costs.

Education solutions

For over 20 years, we have supported higher education institutions to cost effectively manage their unique demands and deliver results. We deliver innovative solutions to more than 40 education customers nationwide to help them improve their student experiences.

Supporting your move to Digital by Default

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Local Authorities solutions

By working with 1 in 5 local authorities, including half of the London boroughs, Netcall's future-focused suite of solutions are designed with you in mind to transform your citizen engagement, reduce costs and minimise delays.

Police force solutions

Police forces across the UK provide a highly accountable, reactive and visible service to protect the public and is called to do so on increasingly tighter budgets. Our range of comprehensive solutions boost the efficiency of control rooms; from the use of back office systems to the handling of calls, including both non-emergency and emergency lines.

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